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Why Vallarta Real Estate?

Market Knowledge
Vallarta Real Estate knows the Puerto Vallarta real estate market! We have been involved in and observing the booming Puerto Vallarta real estate market for over 8 years. Vallarta Real Estate has been and continues to be an active participant in the local MLS market, making your search for properties as easy as possible. We have additional access to factual data and general market information that will help you in your final decision making processes.

The owners, operators and most of the staff of Vallarta Real Estate have lived and worked here full time for years. We understand the Puerto Vallarta real estate market, its trends, property availability and particularly how the system works in Mexico. Our collective 40 years of experience in real estate, hospitality, advertising and promotion position us to guide you through the process of finding, purchasing or renting the property you desire.

Marketing and Promotion
Vallarta Real Estate has the experience and ability to market a property for a seller and to provide exposure across a multitude of mediums. We are a leader in internet marketing and promotion. Our long-term associations with local, national and international media provide you with the comfort of knowing your property will be highlighted and profiled professionally and expeditiously.

For Buyers
Vallarta Real Estate owns and operates hotels and Villas, and as a result we offer the unique Show and Stay program to potential clients. This program, the only one in Puerto Vallarta, provides FREE hotel nights to qualified buyers so they can be comfortable while touring Puerto Vallarta real estate with our experienced agents looking for their investment or “dream” property.

Legal issues
While buying real estate in Mexico is not necessarily a difficult process, for foreign buyers Mexico is a country with its own set of rules and legal intricacies. It is incumbent that principals are fully informed. It is important for the buyer or seller to make sure that all transactions are legally protected and secure. Vallarta Real Estate is here to serve all of our clients in the most conscientious manner.

Support Systems


AMPI (PV Board of Realtors).
National Association of Realtors
Vallarta MultiList

Vallarta Real Estate has a knowledgeable and efficient legal staff including attorneys and notaries to insure your purchase or sale is completed securely.

Full Time Maintenance Staff
Vallarta Real Estate has a full time maintenance staff and vehicles to take care of any problem that may arise during the process of your purchase or sale, insuring the delivery of a functional property.

Rentals and Property Management
Vallarta Real Estate is an experienced company that provides complete property management services of your property while you are gone. You can go home and rest assured everything will be taken care of by our qualified staff.

Customer Service
The combined years of experience in the real estate business and other service-oriented businesses has ingrained the principal of quality customer service into every aspect of Vallarta Real Estate.

Integrity, Compassion, Excellence, Leadership and Team-Work: As a member of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals [AMPI] and Multi-List Vallarta we abide by a strict Code of Ethics and maintain an appropriate fiduciary relationship with our clients. We invite you to become a member of our family of clients and enjoy the benefits which VALLARTA REAL ESTATE has been providing over the years.

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